Our Approach

At Millennium Minis we believe experiences are the foundation on which children build the rest of their lives and it is vitally important to get it right for all children.

We believe all children are entitled to develop to their fullest potential - academically, socially, emotionally and physically enabling each child to grow in confidence, and able to participate in the wider community.

We will help all children to develop into active, resilient, confident and independent learners who will move on through Millennium minis and finally onto Primary school with the knowledge, skills, characteristics, attitudes and love of learning necessary to continue that learning throughout their lives.

We will do this by:

Learning through play

Developing warm relationships and initiating high quality interactions.

Working in close partnership with parents.

Providing an enabling environment.

Planning and providing personalised learning.


The following aims act in support of our ethos: our ethos/vision is developed around characteristics of Effective learning;

Playing and Exploring-Engagement (finding out and exploring, playing with what they know, being willing to ‘have a go’)

The curriculum provided will be broad, balanced, relevant and fun. Team have high expectations of the children and they are encouraged to engage in activities, within their capabilities in all aspects of the EYFS.

Activities to support the EYFS will be planned around the children’s current interests and ability to enable supported learning that will inspire and embed a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

By bringing learning to life, with hands on, active approach to teaching children we believe that we will achieve the best outcomes for children. Using our local environment as an extension of our classroom is vital tool for learning. Encouraging children to observe, interact and respect the environment while being able to touch, smell and explore their world around them.  

We will offer children maximum learning opportunities as well as self-initiated play.


Creating and thinking critically-thinking (having their own ideas, making links, choosing ways to do things)

Millennium Minis have a warm and friendly atmosphere for all who work within it and for visitors. We will work to provide an environment in which children will feel both secure and happy, enabling them to develop effectively. We will value each child as an individual, enabling them to develop a positive self -image and encouraging respect for others.

We encourage children to become independent life learners and help them to make their own choices.

We will allow children the opportunities to have freedom and explore their own learning with highly skilled team working alongside the child.


Active learning-Motivation (being involved and concentrating, keeping trying, enjoying achieving what they set out to do)

Millennium Minis is strongly committed to ensuring the physical and emotional health of all children. In support of this Millennium Minis will support all children to maintain a healthy lifestyle, having daily outings and a healthy diet. We strongly believe that a healthy body and mind enables children to reach their potential. We believe children should be able take risks within a safe and supported environment. This could be from their first step to them reaching the top of a climbing frame. Taking risk enables children to learn to problem solve equipping with future skills.

An important emphasis is placed upon the child’s personal development. Self-discipline, self-esteem and self-motivation are encouraged. Children should be prepared to play an active role both in nursery and wider community by developing sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others regardless of differences.


Wider community-

We will work closely with parents and carers to share information which can be built upon during the child’s time at Millennium Minis. We will provide ongoing dialogue between team members which begins with as home visit.

We aim to raise achievement through active learning at nursery and at home. Vital to this process is the continued and active support of parents.

It would give us great pride to show you around our nursery and spend time getting to know you and your family. 

Contact us and one of our team will be happy to arrange a tour.